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Kosher Certification

All of Ali's Cookies products are certified Kosher under the orthodox supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission (AKC). Products are either dairy, or non dairy made on dairy equipment (DE). Our products are Kosher for year-round use, excluding Passover.

The AKC Kosher mark is regarded as being in the top tier of strictness and quality. The AKC Kosher mark guarantees that proper supervision has been given to the production of our baked goods. For more information on our certification you can call AKC at 404-634-4063, or visit their website by clicking the  link below for additional information.

Click Here > AKC Kosher Atlanta

Food Allergies
All of our baked goods are made in the same bakery. Though nuts are not a part of every recipe, trace amounts of nuts or nut oils can be in any of our desserts. We recommend those with severe nut allergies refrain from eating our products. We use eggs, butter, cream and flour in our baked goods. We currently do not have any sugar free products, however we can do gluten free if requested in advance.